Transport with truck-mounted forklifts

Transport with truck-mounted forklifts is at the forefront of the evolution of the transportation landscape, which involves adapting to meet intricate demands and address diverse challenges. At DCTS in Wommelgem, near Antwerp, we can transport your shipment with a truck-mounted forklift when you need it. This type of transport is useful when you need to unload or load the shipment directly on location.

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Maximising efficiency in transport with truck-mounted forklifts

Delving deeper into the mechanics of express transport with truck-mounted forklifts, one discerns its true value. A forklift mounted on the back of the truck can be used to load or unload the cargo. Its forks are inserted into tubes fitted to the bodywork of the mega trailer, enabling it to be lifted up behind the truck, which can then be driven safely. Whether the delivery location is a bustling city centre or a remote construction site, transport with truck-mounted forklifts ensures goods are offloaded precisely where needed, saving time and reducing costs. This dynamic combination of transportation and material handling offers a solution that addresses the core challenges faced in modern-day logistics.

Elevate your transport operations

In the realm of logistical brilliance, we emerge as a trusted partner for all your transport with truck-mounted forklift needs. We don't merely offer a service; we promise an experience. An experience where efficiency, precision, and timeliness converge to set new benchmarks. Embrace the future of transportation with us. Make the strategic move; choose us for all your transport requirements with truck-mounted forklifts or delivery trucks with a tail lift and watch as we transform challenges into seamless success stories. We provide it not only in Benelux, but (apart from a few countries) in the rest of Europe too. You can also engage our international transport company for other services. We are very renowned in container transport.

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