CMR Insurance

What is insured?
A CMR policy guarantees the contractual liability of the road transport operator for loss of and damage to the goods, and for delays in the delivery.
The premium is determined on the basis of the number of vehicles / turnover, the nature of the transported goods (general cargo, bulk, tank, temperature-controlled products), the territorial area, the damage statistics, the insured capital per vehicle, exemptions, etc.

Why is this insurance necessary?
The liability of the road transport operator is based on the CMR Convention of 19.05.1956, which is a mandatory legislative provision.
The road transport operator is bound by an obligation of result, and, consequently, there is a presumption of liability on him.
He can refute this presumption on the basis of certain grounds for exemption (force majeure, defective packaging, fault of the entitled party, etc.).
The liability is limited to a maximum of (+/-) 10 € per kg in the event of loss or damage, however, and to the freight charge in the case of delay.


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